2022 Paris IGU Centennial Congress

The International Geographic Union will reach its 100th anniversary in 2022. To celebrate this creation, the evolution of the discipline over the last century, and its contemporary and future significance, the French Committee of Geography (CNFG) is organizing an extraordinary conference, gathering geographers from all the continents. The Paris 2022 UGI Centennial Congress will take place between July 18 and July 22 2022. The event will be organised in venues epitomising the living heart of geography in the city: Sorbonne, Institut de Géographie, Société de Géographie.

More information in the IGU website: https://www.ugiparis2022.org/en/nbsp/4

Sessions of the IGU Urban Geography Commission

Title of Sessións

  • Governance, institutions, urban policy
  • Urban areas under pressure of transformation
  • Climate change, resilience, urban health and well-being
  • Cities as drivers of, and driven by, transformational change
  • Cities, urban systems and nation states
  • Urban trauma and emancipatory urban futures
  • Interrogating the future of event-led urban regeneration
  • The production of space under financial capital and the transformations of everyday urban life: paths to a critical urban geography
  • Engaging with gentrification and financialization: a grassroots perspective
  • Re-thinking north american citie… From elsewhere
  • Ville, architecture et urbanisme en corée du nord
  • Commercial centres in post-war cities; questioning  rearrangement of the urban landscape and the society
  • The contested periphery: the urban space between governing the poor and social struggles
  • Vacance commerciale
  • Urbanization in global south: past experiences, present challenges and future prospects
  • Dynamiques urbaines et immobilier
  • Urban models, phase transitions and forecasting in times of uncertainty


Important deadlines

The deadline for the abstract proposals is January 11th, 2022, without extension.
The announcement of the accepted abstracts is expected by January 21st, 2022.

Two types of sessions

Abstracts are possible in two formats: 

a) Oral communication: Presentation will not exceed 15 minutes, in one of the working languages of the session (see the presentation sheet of the session to which you submit your proposal

b) E-poster: If your e-poster proposal is accepted by the session organisers, e-poster format guidelines will be specified as soon as possible.

The sessions will be organized on the principle of one or several sessions of 1h45, each corresponding to 4 presentations of 15 minutes maximum and 5 minutes of discussion.

Abstract submission

Abstracts should be submitted in English, French or Spanish. 

The submission form should clearly indicate the working language(s) of the communication in accordance with languages selected for the session. 
There will be no translation services during the sessions, unless the session organizers propose and provide it themselves.

The session organisers will evaluate and confirm (or not) they accept your proposal. Please make sure that you comply with the expectations expressed in the presentation sheet of the session you have chosen.

Please note that sessions without at least three proposals will not be maintained in the final programme.

Submission guidelines
Please follow Instructions below for writing your abstract in the submission form. More information: https://www.ugiparis2022.org/callfor/index.php?langue=en

Title: maximum of 255 characteres (spaces included)
Resume: Text should be a maximum of 2000 characters (spaces included)
Keywords: maximum of 5
References: maximum of 5