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The 29th International Cartographic Conference – ICC 2019

The 29th International Cartographic Conference (ICC 2019) of the International Cartographic Association (ICA) invites all interested participants from across the globe to submit papers or abstracts and present the latest scientific developments. Join and share the latest innovations and developments in mapping techniques, technological advancements, and current research in cartography and GIScience. Conference themes and topics are listed, but not limited to, below. The event is a unique experience to exchange ideas and encourage collaboration with colleagues from academia, government and industry.

Dates of the conference: 15-20 July 2019


  • December 5, 2018 – Submission of full papers (to Advances of the ICA)
  • December 19, 2018 – Submission of abstracts (to Abstracts of the ICA and Proceedings of the ICA)
  • Febraury 20, 2019 – Notification of acceptance
  • April 3, 2019 – Submission of final manuscripts


IGU Urban Commission is pleased to invite you to the special session on mapping cities:

  • T32 Mapping Cities 


All conference themes and topics

T01  Art and Cartography

T02  Atlases

T03  Cartographic Heritage into the Digital

T04  Cartography and Children

T05  Cartography in Early Warning and Crisis Management

T06  Cognitive Issues in Geographic Information Visualization

T07  Education and Training

T08  Generalization and Multiple Representation

T09  Geospatial Analysis and Modeling

T10  GI for Sustainability

T11  History of Cartography

T12  Location Based Services

T13  Map Design

T14  Map Production and Geoinformation Management

T15  Map Projections

T16  Maps and Graphics for Blind and Partially Sighted People

T17  Maps and the Internet

T18  Mountain Cartography

T19  Open Source Geospatial Technologies

T20  Planetary Cartography

T21  SDI and Standards

T22  Sensor-driven Mapping

T23  Topographic Mapping

T24  Toponymy

T25  Ubiquitous Mapping, Spatial DB and IoT-Based Systems

T26  Use, User and Usability Issues

T27  Visual Analytics

T28  Marine Cartography

T29  Digital Humanities and GIS

T30  GIS, Remote Sensing and Cartographic Theory, Methodology and Applications

T31  Visualization and Analysis of Geographical Process

T32  Mapping Cities

T33  Design and visual variables: Rethinking Jacques Bertin

T34  Geo for All: Open source GIS education

T35  Crowdsourced Geospatial Information

T36   Transition to Modern and Contemporary Mappings

T37  Maps for SDGs

T38  Mapping the Environment

T39  Theoretical Cartography

T40  AI, Robotics, Autonomous Cars and Mapping

T41  Maps and Games

T42  Big Data and Data Science

T43  Others


Types af submission and publicationICC 2019 welcome two types of submission: full paper and abstract only. All submissions are single-blind peer reviewed. Full papers have a length of 8 pages; abstracts have a length of 1-2 pages.Full paper submission is a submission to Advances of the ICA. A few selected papers will be published on International Journal of CartographyAbstract only submission is a submission to Proceedings of the ICA or Abstracts of the ICA.All submissions have to be handed in the required ICA format by using a provided ICA template and saved as PDF. Please Download ICA template and guidelines for authors (described in the template file) below.

All accepted manuscripts of ICC 2019 are published on either of the new ICA’s three official online publication outlets:

  • Advances in Cartography and GIScience of the International Cartographic Association
    (short: Advances of the ICA, eISSN 2570-2084)
    ‐ single-blind peer review based on submitted full papers
  •  Proceedings of the International Cartographic Association
    (short: Proceedings of the ICA, eISSN 2570-2092)
    ‐ single-blind peer review based on submitted abstracts, developed to a full paper
  • Abstracts of the International Cartographic Association
    (short: Abstracts of the ICA, eISSN 2570-2106)
    ‐ single-blind peer review based on submitted abstracts. publication of abstract only

After the review, the review results are communicated to the authors, who prepare the final manuscript. Upon acceptance, the full papers for Advances of the ICA have to be revised according to the reviewers’ comments. Authors who submit only abstract choose either Proceedings of the ICA or Abstracts of the ICA for the final manuscript publication. The abstracts for Proceedings of the ICA have to be extended to full papers of 8 pages length by using the ICA full paper template, also taking the reviewers’ comments into account. Good quality papers rejected for publication in Advances of the ICA are considered for inclusion in Proceedings of the ICA.Note that a subset of full papers will be selected for a special issue of the International Journal of Cartography.img_parers01.png

Types of presentationThere are two type of presentation: oral presentation, or poster presentation. The types of presentation can be selected independently of the types of submission (full paper or abstract only).Remarks

  • All submissions have to be handed in the required ICA format by using a provided ICA template and saved as PDF.
  • All full papers and abstracts submissions must be in English; no other language will be accepted.
  • All presentations oral and poster must be in English, no other language will be accepted.

Paper submissionTo submit your paper please use the following link:ACC 2019 SUBMISSION SITE For more information please visit the official web site of the conference: http://icc2019.org/