2012 Cologne, August 27-30

IGU General Meeting

MONDAY, August 27th
All sessions held as part of the 32nd International Geographical Congress, Cologne, Germany

08:00 – 09:30 Session C08.33-06 – Urban social transformations: contested social spaces 1

Busting neighbourhoods in a booming city: the spatial side effects of entrepreneurial urban politics in Tokyo
Ralph Lützeler

La gentrification, une stratégie municipale conflictuelle à Harlem
Charlotte Recoquillon

Economic restructuring, “counter-conduct” and local political representation – the struggle around big-box shopping in Vancouver, Canada
Marit Rosol

Producing space for cosmopolis: urban development in Olympic cities in Europe – lessons from Barcelona, Athens and London
Petros Petsimeris

10:00 – 11:30 Session C08.33-07 – Urban social transformations: contested social spaces 2

Closing the city: extinguishment of rights of way in urban Ireland
Denis Lineham

Changing urban living environments in the context of megaurbanization: perspectives from Pune, India
Mareike Kroll

Internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the cities of post-Soviet Georgia: coping with marginality and exclusion
Joseph Salukvadze

Socio-spatial integration in late modern societies: the case of Arabs in Israel
Izhak Schnell

14:00 – 15:30 Session C08.33-01 – Recent urban developments in China

Transformation of urban spatial structure under service economy: the case of Beijing
Gu Chaolin

Space of creative industries: a case study of spatial characteristics of creative clusters in Shanghai
He Jinliao

Strategic choices in the regional planning of the Pearl River Delta mega urban region
Werner Breitung

Study on the urbanization in rural area of the mega city Tianjin
Meng Guangwen

Parallel sessions 16h-17h30

Session 1 16:00 – 17:30 C08.33-03 – More complex urban systems 1

Recent urbanization trends in Hungary. Suburbanization, desurbanization and/or re-urbanization?
Péter Bajmócy

Innovation nodes in collapse: between competitive cities and exclusive areas
Helga Scarwell

Urban capacities to foster inter-organizational relations: Firms’ board of directories linkages into Swiss cities
Olivier Di Lello

Session 2 16:00 – 17:30 C08.35-01 – Large scale transport infrastructure and regional and urban impacts 1

The Channel Tunnel: an assessment of the regional impacts
Dan O’Donoghue

The Fehmarnbelt Tunnel: urban and regional development perspectives
Christian Matthiessen

Evaluating the regional integration value of transborder projects based on spatial spillovers and commercial flows
Ana Condeço Melhorado

The role of great infrastructures in the organization of supranational regions: the Catalan case
Juli Valdunciel

Parallel sessions 17h30 -19h

Session 1 17:30 – 19:00 C08.33-04 – More complex urban systems 2

The Creation of the Metropolis in Post-Socialist Space: The “Metropolis Silesia” in Poland
Jacek Petryszyn

Metropolitanization processes in Spain: from the traditional city to the “city of cities”
Mariá-Jose Piñeira-Mantiñán & Rubén Camilo Lois-Gonzáles

Metropolitan areas in Europe
Peter Schön

European cities system: between hierarchies and specialization
Céline Rozenblat

Session 2 17:30 – 19:00 C08.35-02 – Large scale transport infrastructure and regional and urban impacts 2

Transport and spatial networks – an economic geographer’s view of the European transport corridor Rotterdam-Genoa with special regards to logistics clusters
Julian Brenienek

Impacts of a fixed link on creation of a bi-national urban region: a case of Öresund bridge
Jun Yamashita

How urban planning anticipates major changes in European transport corridors
Eloïse Libourel

The impact of large investments in transport infrastructure on development of the Poznań metropolitan area and the Wielkopolska region
Radoslaw Bul  

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Deadlines for abstracts for main conference : December 15th 2012

Special deadlines for registration and abstracts for urban commission sessions: February 15th 2012

For the join session with transport geography see below

32nd International Geographical Congress Cologne: 26th to 30th August 2012*

Joint Session of the IGU Commissions on Transport and Geography &
Urban Geography: Emerging Urban Transformation

Session C08.35 Transportation


Large scale transport infrastructure and regional and urban impacts

There is a growing interest in the relationship between investment in large scale transport infrastructure and economic development and regeneration both at the urban and regional scale.

Investment at the urban scale, particularly in megacities and conurbations, includes heavy and light rail systems and bus rapid transit as well as road improvements and also relates to relieving traffic congestion and environmental issues. Investment at the regional scale includes high speed trains, fixed link bridges and tunnels, airports and new roads and also relates to intra and inter-national transport networks, the elimination of key bottlenecks and environmental issues.

Transport plays a critical role in facilitating economic competitiveness. High quality infrastructure and transport services improve the performance of the labour market, helps attract inward investment and can improve the quality of life. However there is a long history of inaccurate traffic predictions and cost overruns on large scale transport investments.

Titles and abstracts (no more than 3000 characters) should be submitted to the IGC website at www.igc2012.org before 15th December 2011. Please also send a copy to the Joint Session Convenors: Richard Knowles r.d.knowles@salford.ac.uk and Christian Matthiessen cwm@geo.ku.dk . The IGC website first requires you to create a personal user account without charge before you can submit an Abstract.

*We have asked the IGC to schedule this session on Wednesday 29th August but the IGC Cologne 2012 Programme timetable is not yet confirmed.

Professor Richard Knowles

Chair IGU Commission on Transport and Geography
University of Salford, UK

Professor Christian Matthiessen
Chair of IGU Commission on Urban Geography: Emerging Urban Transformation
Copenhagen University, Denmark

November 2011